About Me

Women with brown hair in a bun uses a video camera to film
Sidney Beeman
Storyteller | Filmmaker | Editor

My roots are Appalachian, in a small corner of western Maryland. I have been working in video storytelling for almost a decade, serving as editor, producer, and cinematographer on a variety of projects.

Now, more than ever, I feel a profound need for stories that bridge the gaps between us and forge connections not only among ourselves but also with the very land we call home. As an Appalachian filmmaker, I have the privilege to offer a unique lens through which we can explore the diverse tapestry of this region, unveiling the triumphs, struggles, and rich cultural heritage that define our collective identity. I know that the stories I capture and bring to life have the ability to ignite empathy, understanding, and transformation. With every frame I shoot, every interview I conduct, I strive to illuminate the untold stories and amplify the voices to reclaim their own narrative in a region often dominated by stereotypes. The stories I choose to tell today hold the power to shape the world I envision for tomorrow—a world that celebrates the resilience, beauty, and untapped potential of Appalachia.

I graduated with my BA degree in Mass Communication with a focus in video production at Frostburg State University. I continued my education at Wake Forest University in the Documentary Film Program in order to gain my MFA. During my studies at Wake, I produced my own documentary, Finding Home, all about refugees from across the globe living in West Virginia.

Currently, I am proudly serving as an adjunct professor at UNCC, where I have the opportunity to share my expertise by teaching production courses within their exciting new Film Studies Major. To see my Teaching Portfolio click here.

Sidney Beeman in a beekeeper suit film's beekeeper who is pointing at a hive with bees on it